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Beacons are of immense use in air travel. Airports make use of beacons, iBeacon or Eddystone to get extensive location information. This helps them calculate the time left for a flight to depart and thus with the availability of data they can give suggestions about the nearby retail or dining options, if people wish to consider prior to boarding.


Airports are a place of businesses running within them and it includes right from convenience stores to restaurants.  It incorporates technology that is location based such that it is same as a mall that helps in engaging users and also in driving sales from the security to the gate.


Airports may borrow from the implementations employed in retail to understand the intelligent location based user engagement possibilities. The airline apps are useful for tracking a traveler within the airport to check in on reaching the correct terminal. Thus they can bypass at the gate long lines and reduce the anxiety of rushing to boarding the flight. These apps can make use of the utilize history and preferences even to offer in-flight meals, seat upgrades and few personalized offerings.


Travel beacons are great on returning home as well. Airport beacons once installed in parking lots communicate to remind travelers with mobile apps as to the place where their cars are parked.


Personalization takes to next level

Apart from making travel and vacation natural, beacon technologies and mobile apps make the experience really personalized. In fact, popular resort destinations use the history of the guest or opt for preference questionnaires to predict what she or he may do during the visit.


For instance, if a consumer during the last visit played golf or even indicates an interest in a particular sport, the mobile app of the resort alerts a tee time is made available for breakfast in the adjacent club. This same idea is applicable to other aspects during the stay, such as restaurant reservations, tour groups or spas.


In scenarios such as these, resorts may embrace beacon and mobile technologies to assist customers in creating and personalizing in real time their itinerary.


Considering the theme parks, beacons if installed, helps the guests in moving around. A mobile app suggests the activities that are based depending on the activities that were enjoyed by you previously. For instance, the app can notify a guest the rides nearest to him featuring shortest wait times, or the length of the time it would take to reach an attraction that is further-away attraction. This personalizes the experience of each guest and allows the park to efficiently operate by offering informed decisions and thus in helping attendees.

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