Capturing Images

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Capturing images through lenses is the best and most fun way to make a memory last forever. Thoe photos and pictures can last a lifetime and you will be able to keep it for your future kids and grandkids to see. I love taking pictures of lovely memories and I am sure my future kids would love to ee it as well.


I also like to keep them so I can look back at the fun and enjoyable times. I invested in various cameras so I can documents all these. Before, I had a 360 grad kamera and then I added a digital camera with some lenses that has different capabilities. I just love all of them. Each has a distinct role in capturing images and right now, I am printing them out so I can put them in a printed album. When we were kids, my parents usually tell us to capture moments in our minds. Good thing right now, we can not only capture through minds but in print as well and that is the wonder of technology. I hope more and more inventions and innovations come through capturing images  and memories because it makes people happy and reminiscence of their wonderful and fun past.


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