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So, I never thought that I would be a passionate enough student to use tools and resources like grade calculator type things, but I’ve started to, and it has really helped me refine my approach to my studying and preparation for final exams. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person who loses any hair or sleep about their final exam marks, but there have been times I’ve been really worried that I might fail a course if I don’t get a certain grade on an exam, and it is really disconcerting when you don’t really understand how to figure out what grade you need to achieve to pass with a Mark that you think is acceptable. Which basically leads me to either realizing that I can study other subjects in that time that I would be studying that subject, or that I should be devoting more time to this subject because there is a bigger risk of negative consequences if I don’t succeed on the nation. It may seem a little bit trivial, but great calculators like this allow me to see through the confusion and know exactly what I should be spending more focus on. I know that I don’t have an infinite amount of mental energy, and that, because of this, I should be very diligent and particular about where I’m directing my student energy and my studying. This website helps me do that no way that is really admirable, and I’m very grateful that this website exist for free. And that is so simple. Look, I’m not the kind of person to sing a website’s praises if it I don’t think it’s great. I don’t give products that thumbs up if they don’t absolutely deserve it. This one absolutely deserves two thumbs up and I’m super grateful for it.

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