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Comparing to the “Old-School- Ways” – The Newspaper

Now we do have SEO Vancouver but what was before this? Back in the day, we would advertise our business using the press. Considering the costs of running an advertisement in a newspaper, including paying for your advertisement to appear in different newspapers in different states, not knowing how many people read the ad, how many phoned or e-mailed you based on your publication. It may not seem like a lot of money, but if you compare it with SEO, it seems like a lot of wasted money when you could have done the same job, with no or minimum cost at all.

The Use of Social Media

If we like to admit it or not, we live in a world ruled by the social media. Everything we see has appeared at least once on a social media platform. Why don’t you take advantage of that and promote it on a different platform? Keep in mind the previous article in which I explained the main factors for a good SEO. Use inbound and outbound, use social media to promote yourself and spread your website to as many people as possible. Having an SEO running in the background, a good way to promote yourself on social media – that is the perfect recipe for a successful business.

Do I Need Traffic?

Link building is vital. If you are not linked on any site, you can consider yourself invisible. As soon as you post something on your website, share it immediately on a social media platform to link it back to your site. Following that, people can see the post you have shared and also enter your website. If you have content and links but no traffic, search engines will consider you a spammer, but if you do as displayed above, you will have humans visiting your website, and that means you are getting traffic.

Do I Have To Pay?

The money you spend on SEO will be back to you as soon as possible because it is the most efficient way to promote your website, to bring it to the top ones. It is very cheap compared to the old methods, and that is a plus, and you should take advantage of that.


Take into consideration that an SEO will help you. It is way cheaper than other methods, and with minimum effort, SEO Vancouver can make your website be the most requested out there.

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