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Have you tried these app store optimizations?

ASO is the best tool to promote a new or existing app on a tight budget. The first thing to do is make sure that you are offering a product that people would want to use and share with others. Next you will have to make sure that your app is visible and discoverable among hundreds or even thousands of similar apps available at the app store. In this article we are offering some app store optimization strategies that you should try right now:

  1. Optimize your desktop website to rank for app related keywords:

While this might seem like it doesn’t make a lot of sense, actually focusing app marketing efforts into a desktop site will increase the search results for the app keywords. This is especially true for Android related searches.

  1. Include an app call-to-action on your website:

The primary objective of your desktop site is to convert the site’s visitors into app users. For this reason, links to your app’s page on Apple Store or Google Play should be very clear and visible throughout the site. All through the site you will be attracting visitors’ attention to the app’s existence. You can also include an app’s features page or offer them a downloadable link that can be texted to their phones.

  1. In-store app optimization:

Many of the standards elements of SEO apply to ASO. This includes choosing a catchy informative title. You should include your brand name and at least one keyword in the title. The description should be short and informative. Remember that users should get enough information about the app without having to click the “read more” button. An attractive logo will not just attract the user’s attention but will build engagement later on as the user scrolls through their mobile device.

  1. Keep your visuals updated:

Updating your screenshots is a great way to attract attention to your app. This will show your potential and current users the new features and how they really work. App Store and Google Play allow even more screenshots for tablets versions. They could be real screenshots or explanatory images of how the app works and how it can be used. This can be very useful in the case of complex apps that people find hard to understand or use.


These are only some of the strategies that you should follow. Understanding them and combining them in one successful marketing plan will make your app store optimization successful.

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