A Wood Watch Review

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This is my first time to review a wood watch. I mean, I am not a fan of watches. I never even wear one before but when my friend gifted me this watch, it actually changed my mind about the product. She gifted me this cute little wood watch because she says it’s time for a change. I mean, she says I am always late during appointments and okay, I have to admit sometimes, I really am. I am also a little frantic during time, but it never occurred to me that I need a watch.

I just have the phone  with me whenever I need to check on the time. Anyway, when she gave me this—which I consider as the zegarki best wooden watches , I think I have fallen for it. I mean, it looks really ultra cool. And it fits almost all my outfit—from corporate, date nights, sunny dates outside and what have you. I guess I will be wearing this for my entire life!

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